Commercial Laundry Equipment

Commercial Laundry Equipment

The choice of Commercial Laundry Equipment in Australia just improved, thanks to Wash Comm.

commercial laundry equipmentWith the pending arrival of a brand new commercial laundry equipment brand in Australia, Commwash chose Website Essentials to get their products on the front page of Google, Yahoo and Bing to ensure their product launch in Australia was findable and delivered the clients they need.

This exciting, world class commercial laundry equipment range, at prices and dependability levels that are unmatched in the current market. The new commercial laundry equipment website being developed for Wash Comm is currently under development, but will bring together the website essentials to ensure a highly visible presence on search engines, plus ease of self managment, updating and of course, stunning design, layout and functionality.

We are trying to ensure that this commercial laundry equipment range is well matched to their new website” says Mark Tull, founder of Website Essentials. I know the people behind this project, and their industry experience is vast. As an ex resort and commercial building manager, I know Oils ain’t Oils applies to commercial laundry equipment.

The benefits of this new range, and the enthusiasm and aggressive pricing of Commwash is going to be a winner, and we will ensure that the new website is just as good in looks, performance, service and reliability as the new Wash Comm range.

Wash Comm now carry 3 main brands of machines, fully imported to Australia and all with full Australian based warranty, service and spares. Wash Comm also have developed a range of commercial laundry fit outs and and an innovative range of transportable commercial laundries that are perfect for mines, remote locations, prisons, island resorts and more…

Commercial Laundry Equipment and Commercial Washing Machines are available from Wash Comm. For a full range of large commercial washers, flatbed irons, barrier washers, combos, large driers, large washers visit their website