Motivational Speakers

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Motivational Speakers

Find your event’s perfect Motivational Speakers from Ovations, Australia’s largest independent Speakers Bureau

How does an organisation choose from the numerous motivational speakers who offer their services? How can you be sure the keynote message will be driven home with passion and resonance?

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Few understand these challenges better than Ovations International – Australia’s largest independent Motivational Speakers Bureau. We make the dizzying choice of guest speaker so much easier, giving peace of mind that your organisation’s precious training budget is applied at your next conference or event for maximum impact.

Ovations founder Leanne Christie has gathered a team of dedicated professionals over the past two decades and together they’ve helped organisers present inspirational speakers at events in over 20 countries. The central focus? Keynote speakers who have outstanding reputations and present in an engaging manner. The result for organisers is seeing their delegates leave with motivation from a message of difference.

Looking for Motivational Speakers, Corporate Speakers, Inspirational Speakers, Conference Speakers or Keynote Speakers, Ovations has them all…

Their reputation for world class service delivery is built on our relentless pursuit of client satisfaction. Ovations International uses impeccable attention to detail, to assist organisations, in many industries to excite new levels of staff motivation. Your speakers present on topic, they do it within your budget and best of all, you participate in your own event whilst the Ovations team micro manage the detail. Why do we love our work so much? They aspire to one day have our clients, presenters and industry alike recognise Ovations International simply as the Bureau.

Distance brings challenges to events and Ovations International gets that. Whether your next event is staged in Altona, Victoria or Abu Dhabi, their team of seasoned professionals will deliver a perfect fit of motivational speakers. Your attendees will leave with something to think about from a lasting impression.

A sales team that needs fresh motivation? Educators who need new inspiration? We’ll guide you to the right choice from any speaker, world-wide. The pressing objectives of motivation, inspiration and education are no laughing matter, but your message may resonate better from a variety of presenters, including those who extract  a good laugh. An Ovations professional will partner you with guest motivational speakers who are a perfect fit for your niche.

The clock is ticking, your next event is getting closer and you want your audience on its feet. Ask Ovations to introduce you to an MC, entertainer or motivational speaker who will have them upstanding. Oh, what great motivational speakers!