Ross Kenny

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Ross Kenny

Ross Kenny Re-Joins the Google Adwords Team.


After a long employment “variation” Ross Kenny who I hired and helped to train at Hot Goanna has re – joined me at Website Essentials.  I say this as the relationship is both with the employer and also the owner of the Company.

ross kennyRoss Kenny is a joy to work with and we did not nickname him the Adwords Doctor for nothing.

His recent experience has included working at TPP Internet as part of the sale of Hot Goanna and then at Net Registry as part of the sale of TPP to NR.  Ross Kenny continued to be  the lead Adwords manager at NR for some years until he took up a position at the guru of Google Analytics, Rod Jacka’s Panalysis.

We are bloody pleased to have Ross Kenny working with us again and working with us on our clients accounts.  His passion for both his work, his clients, his workmates and his employers is above and beyond the call to duty.

Welcome back mate.


All Hail Ross..  All Hail Ross!