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Testimonials about Mark Tull from clients and associates….

    1. Its puffery, but its nice to share a long time on linked in with very nice people saying what they think about Mark Tull.  (no money was offered or paid for these opinions LOL)


      1. Boss Fella

        Website Essentials TM

      Director of Sales and Marketing – Punthill Apartment Hotels

      Mark is a true all rounder who delivers what he promises. Working with Mark is easy; his expertise in web development, hosting, SEO, SEM (the list goes on), assisted Punthill greatly as we built and successfully launched a new website together. I have no hesitation recommending Marks work.

      September 10, 2014, Keiran was Mark’s client

      CEO at AussieWeb

      Most people in the SEO and even the PPC space are BS artists. Lots of talk and little results. Tully can “walk the talk”. He is accountable and delivers on the promise. If you want results and not just another pile of hype – give Tully a look in. You won’t be disappointed.

      June 21, 2012, Monte was with another company when working with Mark at Website Essentials TM

      Managing Director at Bainbridge Technologies

      Mark has great knowledge of his industry therefore he directs you with pin point accuracy on the best way to be in front of your target market. Our results have been outstanding.

      September 16, 2014, Michael was Mark’s client

      National Chairman at Hosted Accommodation Australia Ltd

      In the years that I have known Mark he has become an integral part of our organisation and is a vital sounding board on all issues relating to the SEO our website.

      The optimisation he has carried out for us has been instrumental in building our brand awareness and we have received numerous positive comments from both members and customers alike.

      He has and in-…more

      June 21, 2012, Ciaran was Mark’s client

      Director O2U, marketing, social media and PR.

      Mark really know his stuff, he delivers results where others just talk about it. If you are going to spend money on SEO, spend it with Mark.

      August 8, 2011, Jane was Mark’s client

      SEO Consultant

      Mark is a rare combination of infectious personality combined with tech savvy knowledge. If you are looking for someone who is going to give it to you straight, make the most of your campaign and get great results, don’t look past Mark. He has many years experience in the business and is one of the most reliable consultants I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

      June 21, 2012, Lisa was Mark’s client

      General Manager, eLearning Division at CREA Genève

      I worked with Mark for over 2 years while I was Partner Manager at Google. He is a passionate and driven guy who could move mountains with his enthusiasm. His knowledge of the online space, particularly online advertising is vast and detailed. Mark is the kind of guy who will strive for the deepest understanding he can on any topic or project he’s involved in, that trait…more

      June 21, 2012, Patrice was with another company when working with Mark at Website Essentials TM

      Managing Director

      In my opinion Mark Tull has an amazing ability to see things through. I admire persistence. It is one of the essentials for business success. On the occasions that I have contracted Mark, it has been in a second opinion capacity. I value his thorough knowledge of SEM and would be very surprised if there was a Google Ad Words question he couldn’t answer. 🙂

      June 21, 2012, Peter was Mark’s client

      Strategist at E-Web Marketing

      Tully is a seasoned professional in search marketing. His passion for the topic is rivalled only by his dedication to customer service. Mark delegates and trusts those around him, just don’t get him started on landing page optimisation or analytics late in the day!

      June 25, 2012, Ross reported to Mark at Website Essentials TM

      Director at Brooke Winter Solicitors

      Mark Tull at Website Essentials is now an integral component of our strategic management that we have in our business. Without Mark I would be still be floundering, but now I have a clear path which is clearly producing great results. I highly recommend you contact mark if you have any SEO and IT needs. Brooke Winter Solicitor.

      June 20, 2012, Brooke was Mark’s client

      Communication, Media and Marketing Manager at Metro South Health

      Mark did a fantastic job offering advice on how to optimise my website. If you want results, Mark delivers! I was so excited the first time my business appeared on the first page of Google’s search results!

      November 12, 2013, Emma was Mark’s client

      Marketing & Branding at Oven Creative

      Mark is a true SEO guru who has helped our business gain results above and beyond the goals we were aiming for. Mark is very easy to work with and is a great communicator, I highly recommend him and his businesses services to any business or individual looking to improve their search engine rankings.

      June 21, 2012, David was Mark’s client

      Cloud Services Specialist at Freom Pty Ltd

      Mark knows his stuff, and will always help in any way he can. I have known Mark for probably 20+ years, and have always found him to be professional, knowledgable and will follow through on commitments.

      June 28, 2012, Rick was Mark’s client

      Account Executive at Macquarie Telecom – Assisting organisations addresss IT&T requirments and understand new technology

      Mark Tull – King of Search

      Mark is an absolute legend of Search, if you are looking to do business online you should be talking to Mark, what he doesn’t know about search engine marketing isn’t worth knowing.

      Mark understands the online buyer and can offer valuable advise on conversion (lead generation and sales) which is what online business is all about. Ask…more

      July 13, 2012, Bennett worked with Mark at Website Essentials TM

      Director/Financial Adviser at Bailey Financial Services

      Mark is great! My website that he built had barely been ‘live’ for long before I received my first online enquiry. Mark was also clever with his suggestions and advice on how to get my site higher in the google search page.

      July 5, 2012, Fiona was Mark’s client

      Strategy, management and marketing

      I have worked with Mark over the last year with an array of clients. He always delivers online strategies that are custom to their needs and budgets. I found Mark to be at all times professional, client focused and enthusiastic. There are definitely no smoke and mirrors; only results!

      I can always trust in the advice being delivered from brief to final output as he…more

      June 25, 2012, Dominique was Mark’s client

      Chief Inspiration Officer at Business Inspirators

      I have no hesitation to recommend Mark Tull as an extremely knowledgeable advocate of website marketing and design. He is a realist and understands his customers needs providing practical and effective strategies to get the best results. I have used Mark’s services in the past and will do so again in the future, he is a gentleman to do business with and a community minded…more

      June 25, 2012, Clive was Mark’s client

      Building amazing teams and products

      Mark is a very genuine person, and his passion for web services supporting business is contagious. He has a great knowledge of SEO / web services and in my experience has offered this knowledge and insight to the benefit of local SMEs.

      November 8, 2011, Nick was with another company when working with Mark at Website Essentials TM

      Project Director at Green Hills Samui by Rockwater

      I and our Group of Companies have had the pleasure of working with Mark on a number of varied projects, within our Real Estate and Travel businesses both in Europe and in Asia. His knowledge, insight, work ethic and professionalism have always been exemplary, and we would gladly recommended both him and his company, to our business partners and associated companies.

      June 21, 2012, Marcus was Mark’s client


      Hi Mark ,is an ethical can do man in the field of SEO and Website Building and maintenance.
      Its great to deal in this industry with a no bullshit achiever

      June 21, 2012, Percy was Mark’s client

      Founder – blogVault

      My first interaction with Mark was when he was trying out our service. He is deeply insightful about world of web-design. He clearly knows what are the challenges of anybody building their internet presence. This understanding and his articulate thoughts have influenced the direction we have taken with our product.

      Besides this, I think he is just amazing to chat with…more

      June 20, 2012, Akshat was with another company when working with Mark at Website Essentials TM

      Owner at webKonnect

      In the years i’ve known Mark he has always managed to leave more than just a lasting impression on both colleagues, peers and clients alike. What’s more, he really does know his stuff.
      In everything Mark has done with his time at Hot Goanna and Website Essentials, his passion and commitment to the task at hand has never been lacking. Mark has always been the one person…more

      June 20, 2012, David worked with Mark at Website Essentials TM

    2. Social Media Marketing Consultant and Professional Mentor for Small Businesses in Townsville

      Over the past few years, Mark Tull and I have worked on a number of projects where he and his team provided SEO and Adwords’ services, which continue to provide great results. I am impressed by Mark’s professional, yet down to earth and approachable business manner. Mark Tull is a hard-working, creative professional that has a passion to strive to do his best for his…more

      June 20, 2012, Tracy worked directly with Mark at Website Essentials TM

    3. Internet Marketing Consultant

      The Australian Institute of Personal Trainers

      Scott Knoll
      Scott Knoll
      Executive Manager, Events and Retail Marketing at Cancer Council Queensland

      Mark has played a vital part in our digital operations and has led numerous online acquisition strategies that have been highly successful. He is an integral asset to the business and continually provides innovative digital solutions that has seen AIPT deliver 40% year on year growth.

      Mark is a hands-on technical professional. With an in-depth knowledge of all things…more

      March 19, 2015, Scott was Mark’s client

    4. Founding Owner

      Hot Goanna ®

Regional Director, APAC at Airbnb

Mark’s an excellent business partner. A pleasure to deal with, he has real domain expertise in a range of areas. Above all, he has integrity and an honest approach to business and building relationships.

July 27, 2011, Julian was with another company when working with Mark at Hot Goanna ®

Entrepreneur + Innovator, Connecting Great Ideas, Product + People

Mark has an indepth understanding of the internet and how best to use it as a medium to create revenues for your business. He explains and conceptualises things clearly and delivers sensational results…I’d highly recommend his services

January 27, 2011, Glen was Mark’s client

SEO Product Manager @

Mark has worked to ensure that both the clients and the advertisers are more educated about the Google Adwords platform. He understands that it is not in anyone’s interest to try and hide things behind smoke and mirrors.

Very professional and showed expert knowledge about areas to focus on and likely outcomes. If i wasnt sitting in front of him I would think that he would be reading the answers off a script, was very impressed and showed me the value of working with someone with his experience.less

June 27, 2009, David was Mark’s client